Magister Giotto – The Scrovegni Chapel


MAGISTER GIOTTO – THE SCROVEGNI CHAPEL, is the immersive exhibition of Cose Belle d'Italia Media Entertainment - Cose Belle d’Italia Group, dedicated to one of the key protagonists of the Italian art history: Giotto di Bondone (1267 – 1337). In collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute and the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb the exhibition at the AMZ Gallery, Pavla Hatza 6, from 7th November 2018 until 15th January 2019, presents one of the greatest masterpieces of Giotto, the Scrovegni Chapel of Padua, frescoed between 1303 and 1305.

In the tradition of the best Italian film, the contents pathway is experienced through a dramatic and musical narration, using the most advanced technologies, as well as new techniques of enlarging and assembling images.  Visitors are thus immersed in an absolutely unique experience and are accompanied by the original music of the jazz artist Paolo Fresu. The Italian version is narrated by the actor Luca Zingaretti. Furthermore, the exhibition is available in Croatian and English languages.

The exhibition is conceived in two sequential areas. The first relates to its artistic and theological content in an immersive and theatrical installation.  The second takes an in-depth look at the techniques used by the artist and at his historical period through a short film shot entirely within the Scrovegni Chapel.

The Scrovegni Chapel is one of the greatest masterpieces of Western art. The story begins on 6 February 1300, when Enrico Scrovegni – an affluent Paduan banker – purchased the area of the ancient Roman arena. A sumptuous palace was built on the site, with an adjoining chapel to serve as both as a private oratory and a sepulchral monument. Enrico commissioned Giotto, then thirty-five, to decorate this monument. He was to follow an extremely complex iconographic and theological programme, which reveals the presence, alongside the Master, of a theologian of doctrinal sophistication. In the atmosphere full of expectation radiating from the first Jubilee in history (proclaimed by Boniface VIII in February 1300) the Arena Chapel enacts God’s reconciliation to mankind and points to the path that we are called to choose so that we may have hope of salvation.

“MAGISTER GIOTTO” – The Scrovegni Chapel” is an exhibition curated by Alessandro Tomei, Professor of History of Medieval Art, and Giuliano Pisani, Classic Philologist and Art Historian, in close collaboration with the Artistic Director Luca Mazzieri, Author and Director, with the Executive Director Alessandra Costantini, Architect and Designer. Renato Saporito, CEO of Cose Belle d'Italia Media Entertainment, is in charge of the creative supervision.

Magister is an innovative format that aims to promote beauty through the enhancement of Italian Cultural Heritage, revitalizing it in a contemporary way. As Renato Saporito, CEO of Cose Belle d'Italia Media Entertainment, says: "Our challenge is to promote beauty through the enhancement of Italian cultural heritage, revitalizing it in a contemporary way, while remaining faithful to four key words: culture, technology, emotion, scientific discipline”.

The Format has a program open to internationalization and presents a first trilogy of exhibitions dedicated to three great Masters of Art: MAGISTER GIOTTO (2017), MAGISTER CANOVA (2018) – both under the Patronage of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Asset and Activities – and MAGISTER RAFFAELLO (in progress).