Temporary exhibitions

The multicultural aspect of the Neolithic settlement of Brezovljani

Plakat -izlozba -Brezovljani

Exhibition author: Lana Okroša Rožić, City Museum of Križevci
Exhibition organizer: Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, City Museum of Križevci
Venue and duration: Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, Zrinjevac 19, January 17-February 21, 2018

Opening ceremony: January 16, 2018, 07:00 PM

The exhibition presents the site of Brezovljani, situated 13 m north of Križevci, and dated to the transition from the Middle to the Late Neolithic (5000/4900-4600 BC). The site became famous following the first excavations, conducted by Professor S. Dimitrijević, PhD, in 1973, when the Brezovljani type of the Sopot culture was defined. The excavations were restarted in 2002, and continued uninterruptedly until 2016, revealing the newly-defined Brezovljani-Sé-Lužianky phase, so the exhibition highlights specific pottery finds that point to the connection between Brezovljani and the wide area occupied by the proto-Lengyel cultural circle, including today’s southwestern Slovakia, Lower Austria and the Austrian Burgenland and southwestern Hungary. It also focuses on contacts with the stroke-ornamented ware cultures that occupied Moravia and Lower Austria, as well as the finds that connect the site to the Butmir culture of central Bosnia.
The exhibition includes 62 finds

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