Medieval treasure – archaeological finds from Poland

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Organiser: National Archaeological Museum in Warsaw (Państwowe Muzeum Archeologiczne w Warszawie) and Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

Exhibition authors: Andrzej Piotrowski, Magdalena Ruszkowska, Joanna Żołkowska

Exhibition coordinator: Maja Bunčić

Graphic design and preparation: Roman Chojnowski, Jowita Kiepas-Szaniawska

Translation: Anna Kinecka (english), Maja Silov Tovernić (polish)

Technical realization of setup: Roman Chojnowski and the technical service AMZ

Exhibition duration: 26. 9.-11. 12. 2016.

Exhibition extent: 478 objects presented in 12 cases, 24 billboards

Exhibition type: guest exhibition, archeological

Users: All types of visitors

Archaeological exhibition Medieval treasure – archaeological finds from Poland exhibits 478 unique find from archaeological excavations from the last century. These include silver, bronze, glass and gold object of which most are richly decorated, and some are exhibited in for the first time. The objects are stored in the National Archaeological Museum in Warsaw and come from archaeological sites in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.

The display consists of 12 entities which show different categories of finds such as rings, different types of earrings, bracelets, pearls and necklaces, reliqium crosses and pendant crosses, fibulae (brooches), temple ornaments, glass ornaments, buckles, etc. A beautiful hoard of jewellery found in Borucin (central Poland) is the highlight of this exhibition. The presented objects are dated mostly from the 11th to 13th century. The exhibition is accompanied with billboards on which the categories of objects are describe, along with general information about the exhibition and collections and the process how these objects were made.

This exhibition was first presented in Warsaw in 2007, after which it travelled to several cities in Germany, Norway and Ireland. 

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