Andautonia archaeological park ready for visitors

Each spring, the Andautonia archaeological park gets restored after the winter. Considering the current specific situation with cultural program financing, this year, the park was cleaned by all employees of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, who made the park ready for visitors through their combined efforts. The works included the removal of winter protection (roofs and constructions used to cover the architecture during the winter in order to stop them from freezing), mowing the lawn, clearing the surfaces of weeds, and the like.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year, the Andautonia archaeological park is being opened at a later date. Instead of on May 1, the Park will be open from May 16 to November 1. Also, due to the current situation, there will be no manifestation marking the opening, and, for now, there will be no workshops. In this respect, we ask the visitors to come to the Archaeological Park, to see the preserved parts of the Roman city that are accompanied by interpretation panels with various information about Andautonia, excavations, and the way of life in Roman times, as well as to enjoy their time in nature.

Working hours from May 16 to October 31:

The Archaeological Park is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 6 PM


Ticket price

Adults 20,00 kn
Pupils, students, retirees 15,00 kn
Family ticket 40,00 kn

The Andautonia archaeological park is closed on state holidays.



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