The building of the Archeological museum in Zagreb marked yellow TU1

On Friday, March 25, 2020, the building of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb was inspected by a team for building statics. The Vranyczany-Hafner palace was built in 1879, which has been the home of the Archeological Museum in Zagreb since 1945, was marked as TEMPORARILY UNUSABLE TU1 – requires DETAILED INSPECTION.

The team assessed that the statics of the building are not immediately endangered, but it is, at this moment, safest to mark it as temporarily unusable, with the additional note that it requires a more detailed inspection. We expect that the, so called, second phase, i.e. the detailed inspection, will take place in the following two weeks.

Currently, the most dangerous parts of the buildings damaged in the earthquake are the gables, where offices of Museum employees are situated. The northern gable has a big hole, and entrance into the two offices situated along the northern gable is not recommended until further notice. The hole in the southern gable of the building has not yet reached the office that is situated in that part of the building, as is the case with the northern gable. The statics informed the team about the gable situation on the spot, and we expect that the problem of the crumbling gable will be eliminated soon with the use of cranes.

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The northern gable
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