Protective measures taken in order to ensure the safety of the bird-shaped vessel, the, so called, Vučedol dove

The Archaeological museum in Zagreb secured the bird-shaped vessel, the, so called, Vučedol dove, which was exhibited in a display case on the third floor of the permanent exhibition of the Prehistoric collection. During the earthquake, the glass panes of the display case got separated, but the Vučedol dove was not damaged. Due to further earthquakes and possible subsequent damage to the space, it was stored in its already existing protective packaging and moved from the third floor of the Museum.

The bird-shaped vessel, known as the Vučedol dove, the Linen Book of Zagreb and the Zagreb mummy, the, so called, Woman from Solin, the Branimir inscription and the Lumbardian Psephism are the most famous objects kept by the Zagreb Archeological Museum and by which the Museum is known both in Croatia and the world.

3D model and more about so called Vučedol dove




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