Applications for sampling and scientific analysis of Archaeological Museum in Zagreb material should be sent along with form - Request for the right to access information and GDPR consent (available on the following link: FORM) to

If permission for sampling and analysis is granted, the following conditions will apply:

  • any costs of sampling/analysis shall be paid by the applicant (including possible conservation and restoration of damaged area)
  • sampling process (if applicable) should be well documented
  • samples may only be used for the purpose(s) outlined in the application (any other purpose must be the subject of a further application)
  • all analytical data and results must be made available, in confidence and prior to publication, to the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb together with sampling documentation
  • the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb shall be allowed to make these data publicly available five years after they are received, whether or not they have been published elsewhere
  • results shall be published in cooperation with the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb (unless otherwise agreed)
  • all residual samples shall be returned to the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb within one year (unless otherwise agreed)


Sampling and portable analytical techniques should be carried out in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb premises. Any temporarily loan of material (other than small samples) must be the subject of separate application.

Sampling process or portable analytical technique(s) shell be conducted only in the presence of curator/conservator from the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb.

All mounted and residual samples remain the property of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb.


Applications are assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • the fragility of the material in question and possible damage caused by sampling
  • possible immediate or long term impact on the object(s), including risks associated with exposure of object(s) to ionizing or non-ionizing radiation
  • the scholarly merit of the proposal
  • the feasibility of project
  • appropriateness of the proposed analytical/examination techniques/methods
  • experience and expertise of the research team in working with archaeological objects or similar projects
  • health and safety implications
  • anticipated outputs of the research

Application approval:

Application shell be approved/declined by Director of Archaeological Museum in Zagreb after expert opinion and assessment of a Museum Review Panel which comprises Museum curators and conservators with relevant expertise. In case of need, opinion of external experts might be invited.


Where two or more requests for substantially the same investigation are received, applicants may be asked to collaborate.




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