The Information Commissioner of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb:
mr. sc. Sanja Mijač

Information is any data possessed by the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, in the form of a document, record, dossier, register or any other form, regardless of how it is presented (written, drawn, printed, recorded, magnetic, optical, electronic or any other record). International information is any information provided to the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb by a foreign country or international organisation that the Museum cooperates with or holds membership in.

Information Commissioner:

  1. shall conduct the tasks of the regular disclosure of information, in accordance with the internal structure of the public authority body, as well as the tasks of resolving individual requests for access to and re-use of information,
  2. shall improve the manner of processing, classification, safe-keeping and disclosing information contained in official documents referring to the work of public authorities,
  3. shall provide the necessary assistance to applicants, in relation to exercising of the rights specified under the Act on the Right of Access to Information.

The right of access to information may be exercised by submitting a form to the Information Commissioner of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb 

by email:

by sending a fax to: +385 (0)1 4873 102

Form - Request for the right to access information and GDPR consent

The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb maintains a special Official Register of requests, procedures, and decisions referring to exercising the right of access to information.



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