Journal of the Archaeological museum in Zagreb


ISSN 0350-7165

Editor in chief
Tomislav Bilić, Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

Editorial board
Jacqueline Balen, Archaeological Museum in Zagreb
Maja Bunčić, Archaeological Museum in Zagreb
Ivan Drnić, Archaeological Museum in Zagreb
Ivan Mirnik, Archaeological Museum in Zagreb (retired)
Miroslav Nađ, Archaeological Museum in Zagreb
Ivan Radman-Livaja, Archaeological Museum in Zagreb
Filomena Sirovica, Archaeological Museum in Zagreb
John Chapman, Durham University, UK
Peter Kos, Narodni muzej Ljubljana, Slovenia
Preston Miracle, University of Cambridge, UK

Editorial policy
The Journal of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb is an externally peer-reviewed annual archaeological journal.
It publishes previously unpublished scientific (research), professional and review papers from the field of prehistoric, classical and medieval archaeology, as well as history, numismatics and other related disciplines. Manuscripts have to be submitted either in both Croatian and one foreign language (English, French, German or Italian) or in English, French, German or Italian with a Croatian summary.

Manuscripts are submitted by e-mail to

If the Editorial board decides that a manuscript does not fit the journal’s profile or is in some way irremediably deficient, it can be rejected even before the initiation of the peer-review process. In that case, an appropriate explanation will be offered to the author.

The manuscripts are received during the entire year. No financial compensation is offered to the authors, who will however receive a volume of the Journal in which his/hers paper is published, as well as an electronic offprint of the article.

Following the publication of the hard copy of the Journal, it can be accessed free of charge as a PDF file from the Croatian scientific web-portal HRČAK. With submitting a manuscript the author accepts that his/ hers article will be uploaded on the HRČAK website, as well as on the website of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb.

The journal does not charge article processing charges or submission charges.
The journal is an open access journal and applies CC BY-NC-ND license.

The Journal of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb is indexed in:

The Journal of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb is categorized as an "a1" journal (the highest category in the classification of the National Council for Science, Higher Education and Technological Development).

The Editorial Board decides on the further steps based on the assessment of the submission. The manuscripts that are considered appropriate to be published in the Journal and fulfill the criteria of the VAMZ with respect to their content will be sent out to external reviewers.

The manuscripts that are not fully equipped with figures and other supplements will be returned to the authors for a revision.

The manuscripts rejected by the Editorial Board will be returned to the authors with an appropriate explanation.

It is the author’s responsibility, after the acceptance of the manuscript following peer-review, to copy-edit his/hers paper according to the Journal form (i.e., citation format, figure captions, bibliography, etc.).

The manuscript will be sent out to two external anonymous reviewers. If they happen to disagree, the manuscript will be forwarded to additional reviews. The reviewers should offer their opinion on the manuscript as well as any suggestions they might have with respect to its content; they also give their opinion on the acceptability of the manuscript in general and offer their suggestions on the categorisation of the article.

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