Broken exhibition

The exhibition Segestica and Siscia - a settlement from the beginning of the history was the result of a decade long field and museum work. Set in the Archaeological museum in Zagreb as the focal exhibition project in 2020, it was supposed to present all aspects of material and spiritual culture of the inhabitants of the Iron Age settlement (the 1st millennium BC) situated in today’s town of Sisak (Croatia). This settlement, known from the ancient literary sources by two names as Segestica and Siscia, was one of the most important Iron Age sites in Croatia, but also in the wider region. Thus, the presentation of the new research results to the general public was supposed to be important cultural event.

The exhibition was completed in mid-March, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic the opening was initially postponed. Then, the far more devastating event occurred. In the morning of the 22nd of March city of Zagreb was struck by a powerful earthquake. The city centre was heavily damaged, including the building of the Archaeological museum. All permanent exhibitions had to be evacuated, together with the Segestica and Siscia exhibition, unfortunately never opened to the public.


Name of the movie: Broken Exhibition

Director: Simon Bogojević Narath

Producer: Studio Neo Kenges

Screenwriter: Simon Bogojević Narath

Expert Associate: Ivan Drnić

Ilustration and animation: Simon Bogojević Narath

Editor: Simon Bogojević Narath, Antonia Begušić

Cameraman: Saša Kavić, Antonia Begušić

Duration: 17’ 04’’

Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, 2020.



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