Aliena pecunia. The collection of Roman coins confiscated in the Ustashe Požega Camp

Aliena pecunia. The collection of Roman coins confiscated in the Ustashe Požega Camp

The Numismatic Department of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb holds more than a quarter of a million objects. As part of its Collection of Roman Imperial bronze coins, the Department keeps a numismatic collection confiscated by the quisling regime of the Independent State of Croatia during the Word War II.

The numismatic analysis of Greek and Roman coins in the collection has shown that the eastern part of the Sava-Drava-Danube region in the territory of the modern Republic of Croatia is the most likely provenance of the collection. At the same time, archival research has resulted in the recovery of information and the formation of conclusions complementary to those obtained through the numismatic analysis.

Two possible reconstructions of the circumstances of the collection’s confiscation were established: it is likely that it was confiscated in the Slavonska Požega Concentration Emigration and Immigration Camp during the summer of 1941, but it is also possible it was confiscated in the Ustashe Požega organization, originally belonging to a local collector of Jewish (confessional or ethnic or both) ancestry.


Organized by: Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

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